Foundationism is an American political movement: broadly speaking, it's the politics of people who build things for a living. Our beliefs fall outside the boundaries of traditional left/right politics. We are conservative about some issues and liberal about others; we are secular, but friendly to believers; we are forward-looking, but respectful of tradition.

We love our country with our eyes open. Although we acknowledge the existence of injustice and the need for change in our great republic, we are not revolutionaries. We don't believe in burning down the house in order to fix what is wrong with it.

We believe in free markets, but only as vital engines for wealth creation--not as the blueprints for just and functional societies.  

We believe in borders, and the defense of borders; but we understand that the most important borders are invisible, and can only be defended by truth plainly spoken, love of order, hatred of injustice, and a courageous trust in one's fellow citizens. 

We believe in the individual, but only to the extent that the individual is willing to give up petty tribalism and adopt the responsibilities and civic virtues of citizenship.

We believe in the state, but only as a vessel for the sacred fire that burns in the individual.

We are grateful for the civilization handed down to us by our predecessors. It is the foundation on which we will build the future.

It's time to go to work.